The Vast Mystery of Who You Are

A Reading of Kim Yaged's new work, The Vast Mystery of Who You Are through IATI Theatre's Play Development Program, Cimientos. 

" irreverent, hard-hitting exploration of love via sex parties and philosophical sparring about the nature of relationships and death via the sudden passing of a family friend. The play might be considered a sexual romp because of its humor and boldness, but is also poignant and daring, unafraid of addressing provocative issues while not always coming down on the politically correct side of the conversation. The play’s Bravery stems from its ability to say what many of us are thinking but too embarrassed to say. Its Controversy spawns from the possibility these things are better left unspoken. And its hope is that by examining some of the ugly, weak places in ourselves we might confront our own vulnerabilities in order to learn how to better empathize with the vulnerabilities in others."

Act 1: German Tranny...


TUESDAY February 26th, 7:30 pm

ART/NY: 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018

Big Apple Film Fest

Two projects screening next month at the 9th Annual BAFF... First, on Saturday the 17th at Tribeca Cinemas, Nick Flint's BRIDGE:

"A suspense/thriller about the toxic relationship between a Manhattan executive, Gary, and his wife Meredith. Locked together in a downward spiral of lies and bitterness, Meredith is on the brink of suicide and Gary on the precipice of murder. When Gary's plans a weekend getaway to their house in the woods kill her, the last days of their relationship play out in a way neither expects ... and both may just get what they have been wishing for."

-Kind of just playing myself. Like a "Cameo" as one might call it...

And on Sunday the 18th as part of the Experimental Program, Judd Blaise's PATIENCE:

"A Cryptic arrangement of mundane objects lie scattered about abandoned shores, while shifting voices speak of unbuilt monuments, magical seas, and Napoleon's place in the history of solitaire. A game of memory, played with unexpected souvenirs, found footage projections, and multiple decks of cards."

-Vocal Narrator

We Are Nebeneinander. (We Are Side By Side)

With the American Laboratory. Part exhibition, mostly devised theatre,  all James Joyce: a gallery event based on the text of Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.

It's dense and ambitious and beautiful. Honestly, an exciting departure from traditional theatre-making.

Here's a blurb from NYTheatre:

"...language plucked from a classic novel (A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man) and dropped into the original story of three students. The project incorporates video footage of Princeton's pastoral campus and a cardboard installation exhibiting the themes of exile, escape, and exit. Through the use of video and scenic installation art, the audience is transported to Princeton University and immersed in the fragmented story of these youths: elite, New England, Ivy Leaguers incapable of speaking intimately to those they love most. At its core, The American Laboratory constructs innovative site-specific theatre for the Brooklyn art community."

Directed by Michael Stablein, we're being exhibited only four nights:  January 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th all at 8:00 at the Five Myles Gallery in Prospect Heights (558 St. John's Place, next to the Brooklyn Museum).*

NEBENPC (dragged).jpg
NEBENPC2 (dragged).jpg

*Cocktails and conversation to follow at The Vanderbilt

Betrayal! Revenge!

HAMLET! A staged reading at the American Globe Theatre, part of John Basil's  "What Makes Shakespeare Great" lecture series.

Directed by David Mold; Reading THE PLAYER QUEEN

Tuesday, December 7th at 7:30 pm

145 West 46th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10036

Fringe Festival

Joining Endstation Theatre Company for Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island in the NYC Fringe Festival at the end of the month. They sum up:

Good Good Trouble follows the story of Rosa, a little girl who has mistakenly been delivered to Bad Bad Island in a package originally bound for Good Good Island. The islands inhabitants, the Bad Bads, must decide if they will throw her into the volcano or toss her into the sea. Finally agreeing to let their ruler, the Idol, decide, Rosa is beset by a series of impossible tasks. This wildly inventive adventure shows that sometimes family and good goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Playing one of the Bad Bads: exotic, dangerous, uncivilized and childish.  You know, for the kids.


August 16th, 7:00pm . 18th, 4:30pm . 21st, 4:15 . 23rd, 12:30pm  . 28th 2:00pm

All performances at Robert Moss Theatre - 440 Lafayette St. (near Astor Place) NYC

Spectacle De Variétés

Another Screening of The Bitter End: Elléphant presents Spectacle De Variétés: "An evening of dark, funny and strange short films. an eclectic hour long program of women filmmakers and video artists from the US and Europe that have collectively screened and exhibited at festivals and museums around the world including: Whitney Biennale, Sundance, New York Video Festival, World Wide Video Festival, Redcat Theater, Cinemateket, Locarno Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival. The program shows a broad spectrum of styles and subject matter from the experimental, dramatic narrative, fractured fairytales, social satire, and animation to the conceptual eco-doc"

Don't Miss it...

The Tank

Wednesday, March 3rd. 7:30 pm

Tickets $5.00 354 W. 45th St.

Introducing 3 Tattoo Productions

Here's a little something I've been working on for the past couple months, both writing and performing. It's the Inaugural Production of a brand new company.  We tapped 8 writers, gave them a theme (one that we thought best suits this debutante's ball), had them scribble out their best in a short amount of time and produced/curated what came back. -----------

We wanted something creative, We wanted something unique, And above all, We wanted something classy...

Ladies and Gentlemen;   Your Ass is Showing.

ThursdayFridaySaturday January 28th29th30th 10.30pm---doors open @ 10:15 Free. The Red Room(above KGB bar) 4th St b/w 2nd & 3rd Aves

It's charming, it's odd, it has dirty words. I like it.

Spring Reading

Tomorrow night, a reading of Audax Theatre's Haunted House will debut at the Irish Arts Center. Still in a state of fine tuning, the play is set to open this summer. It's free, and there will be wine and doughnuts. 

I think the story is best summed up by the characters themselves:

Moses: "I took my girlfriend to a mangy midway in central New Jersey, where the proprietors were a family of provincial eccentrics who let me use their bathroom, but it came with the high price of having to interact."

Reading WENDY. One of those provincial eccentrics. Did I mention: doughnuts?

Irish Arts Center 553 West 51st Street (b/w 10th and 11th Aves) Friday, April 24th 5pm-7pm

The Dinner Guest

Just wrapped:  Another short by Christine Giorgio and Stella Films. A stylistic/slapstick horror film in which a woman, having an affair, is driven by her anxiety and guilt to "entertain" each of her guests in a very special way, with a fantastic twist at the end. Playing ELIZABETH, the extra special Dinner Guest.


Twitter Theater

A humorous examination of the contagious new networking site through a series of 15 monologues from very different personalities...and a greek chorus of twits. I mean...tweets.  Myself? The PRESS AGENT.  Written by Larry Meyers and directed by Kat Georges.

Details in flashy postcard: