Big Apple Film Fest

Two projects screening next month at the 9th Annual BAFF... First, on Saturday the 17th at Tribeca Cinemas, Nick Flint's BRIDGE:

"A suspense/thriller about the toxic relationship between a Manhattan executive, Gary, and his wife Meredith. Locked together in a downward spiral of lies and bitterness, Meredith is on the brink of suicide and Gary on the precipice of murder. When Gary's plans a weekend getaway to their house in the woods kill her, the last days of their relationship play out in a way neither expects ... and both may just get what they have been wishing for."

-Kind of just playing myself. Like a "Cameo" as one might call it...

And on Sunday the 18th as part of the Experimental Program, Judd Blaise's PATIENCE:

"A Cryptic arrangement of mundane objects lie scattered about abandoned shores, while shifting voices speak of unbuilt monuments, magical seas, and Napoleon's place in the history of solitaire. A game of memory, played with unexpected souvenirs, found footage projections, and multiple decks of cards."

-Vocal Narrator