Fringe Festival

Joining Endstation Theatre Company for Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island in the NYC Fringe Festival at the end of the month. They sum up:

Good Good Trouble follows the story of Rosa, a little girl who has mistakenly been delivered to Bad Bad Island in a package originally bound for Good Good Island. The islands inhabitants, the Bad Bads, must decide if they will throw her into the volcano or toss her into the sea. Finally agreeing to let their ruler, the Idol, decide, Rosa is beset by a series of impossible tasks. This wildly inventive adventure shows that sometimes family and good goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Playing one of the Bad Bads: exotic, dangerous, uncivilized and childish.  You know, for the kids.


August 16th, 7:00pm . 18th, 4:30pm . 21st, 4:15 . 23rd, 12:30pm  . 28th 2:00pm

All performances at Robert Moss Theatre - 440 Lafayette St. (near Astor Place) NYC